Cyberghost VPN 2022 is Best or Not ??

Hi guys. I’m sid today i will tell you the truth of that vpn means cyberghost vpn 2022.


When using servers close to our country we can see there is basically no speed reduction except for ping which went up a bit, however download and upload speeds are almost intact now to test out the US server.

 we’ll disconnect from this german server scroll down and find the united states double click on united states and as always cyber ghost establishes a connection then we minimize this window click on speed test to refresh the page.

To initiate a speed test click on gothe speed test is now finished and as we can see cyberghost doesn’t disappoint in fact this is one of the best vpns when it comes to speedas our download and upload speeds were once again nearly intact.

Cyberghost VPN 2022 is Best or Not ??

Streaming Platform

We are quite surprised by what cyberghost managed to achieve; it’s basically up to par with expressvpn and significantly beats nordvpn therefore cyberghost offers really amazing speeds which make it great for streaming and torrenting.

 It’s that time of our cyberghost review where we test the provider for its streaming capabilities as you see on the screen. Our main platform is netflix.

What Netflix Says that about this vpn ?

  • Netflix is the most popular streaming platform in the world and as such it has many movies and tv shows that millions of people around the world enjoy. What you see on the screen is our native French Netflix catalog.
  • However the largest catalog of netflix is the us one which is the catalog we are going to test in this reviewso what we’re going to do now is once again connect to the united states and since cyberghost established the connection.
  • We’ll just minimize this window and click on netflix to refresh the page we can see that netflix still works and for example if we try to watch a particular movie or show let it be the witchery we can just click on play and duet cyberghost vpn are amazing speeds.
  •  The show boots up pretty much immediately moving on we have another streaming platform to test and this time it’s bbc iplayer bbc iplayer unlike hulu or amazon prime video.
  •  For example, it is based in the UK so once again we’ll open the cyberghost app to connect to the uk server and visit BBC IPlayer in this Cyberghost review.

Express vpn V/S Nord vpn

  1. We’ll try to take a sneak peek at peaky blinders so we’ll just click on play and see if cyberghost unblocks bbc iplayer unfortunately this time cyberghost doesn’t work with bbc i  player.
  2. Which may be a huge downside for those who love this platform however the silver lining is that cyberghost works with amazon prime video hulu disney+ hotstar abc and many other popular streaming platforms in conclusion.
  3. Cyberghost is a very very good vpn for streaming in terms of performance and stability but when it comes to unblock geo-restricted websites.
  4. It’s still behind expressvpn and nordvpn what about security you might ask isn’t cyberghost supposed to be a ghost that makes you invisible or whatever will practically yes cyberghost claims to be one of the most secure vpns on the market.
  5.  But then again the same claims express vpn nordvpn surf shark ipvanish and many other providers cyberghost comes with a verified formula and that’s military-grade encryption accompanied by ip and dns leak protection.

Security Features

Furthermore cyberghost has an automatic kill switch split tunneling ad blocker and many other features we mentioned at the start of this cyberghost review another thing important to mention here is a zero-log policy.

we can see on the screen cyberghost claims to have a zero-log policy and if we scroll down through it we can see that cyberghost really doesn’t log that much. Nizagara

 Here, we can see that cyberghost doesn’t log your IP address dns queries, browsing history disconnection and connection time stamps your bandwidth usage.

Any compromising information sure every vpn collects your email or payment data but that’s necessary to make your subscription alive cyberghost doesn’t have an external audit such as expressvpn or nordvpn.

For example so basically even if this zero-logging policy is true cyberghost doesn’t have any proof to make us believe in it nevertheless.

We have a lot of experience with cyberghost and so far this vpn didn’t disappoint usso in terms of security and privacy is cyberghost a good vpn well we’d say yes because cyberghost after all has all the bells and whistles and great security features.

Zero Policy

  • Furthermore, their zero logging policy so far proved to be true and cyberghost didn’t have any scandals or incidents such as hidemyass vs ipvanish.
  • For example, a safe and secure vpn also shouldn’t have any ip or DNS leaks about cyberghost as you can see on the screen.
  •  we connected cyberghost to the uk server and then we visited website to see if our dns address is on the list remember we are located in france and as you can see here dns addresses displayed are located in the uk.
  • so this means that cyberghost doesn’t leak dns addresses but what about another dns leak test well as we can see cyberghost does a good job here as well since the website doesn’t display or dns address based in France as mentioned earlier in the cyberghost review.
  •  This is a completely p2p friendly provider. One of the reasons for this is that it’s based in Romania which is a great jurisdiction and not under any government or third-party surveillance.

Unblocking Websites

This allows cyberghost not only to maintain a zero-logs policy but also to allow you to enjoy torrenting freeland as mentioned earlier cyberghost even has dedicated p2p servers.

which you can use to download torrents from pretty much anywhere in the world one thing where cyberghost simply isn’t up to par is the ability to by pass censorship, yes as said it’s a decent provider for unblocking websites.

I hope this tutorail helpful… byyy

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