• Hey I sid  how  are you guys Okay, so I wanna sign up for Amazon Prime Video,cause I’m kinda bored with Netflix and YouTube.
  • So I wanna check out this and this is the other network up and coming with a lot of really great series that are coming out on it that you’d wanna check out.So you just go AmazonPrime Video, you Google it,and you go check it out.
  • And the great thing is, like the others,they’ve got 30 day free trial.
  • You can use any VPN to get Free Trial Prime Video
  • And then after your trial,Amazon Prime is just Canadian.Which they know, see that I’m a Canadian.$7.99 a month plus any applicable taxes.
  • Well, that’s pretty good and beats the other,I think Netflix just went up actually,so cancel any time.Quebec residents receive a two month membership for that,instead of a free trial.So that’s pretty neat stuff.
  • And you get all these new movies and series.Everyone’s getting on the series creation.God, we’re all gonna be just sitting in front of the TV and our screens (laughs) in the future.


  1. So I guess you got a little video app, Amazon Prime Video app,that you can get loaded onto your cell phone or your tablet,and then you can go there.Also there’s something for everyone with Prime,so enjoy two day shipping.
  2. So I guess you get, while you’re signed up for Prime,you get better shipping when you buy things from Amazon,so it’s a double win.
  3. So let’s start our free trial here.And I guess I can just sign in with my current Amazon account and let’s see if it goes through and see if it passes the account.
  4. Boom, and I guess,does that automatically sign me up for it?Let’s check it out.


I’m going to go check out cookies, Ithink it’s account settings,gonna take a little peek, edit on Amazon.And it sees that I’ve got a thing here,edit payment history.So I guess I’ve got 30days now to set things up.And these are the things.

We’ve got the channels back here.Video channels, payment history.So no channels found, no invoices are,so I guess it’s automatically signing me up for everything.Autoplay, your devices.Let’s see, what do they see?Register a new device, the best Prime is in your watchlist.We can do that, we can do that.Let’s go home.

Let’s see if it’s just going to play.Let’s see if I could just end up watching a movie and then I’ll install this on my cell phone.Let’s go for something that I might want to watch.

Elf, Christmas is coming,that could be fun.I’ve just dated the video of course,to when, this says ShutterIsland and that’s free.Okay, this Jack Clancy’sgetting a lot of attention.

How To Get Cookies Amazon Prime Video

Let’s go play season one, episode one.I’m gonna add this season to the watchlist first.

Let’s see if it’s gonna break because I really love ya Stop, I’ll be thinking of ya So, season one, episode one, pilot.So I guess it’s got ads just like any other movie.

And it looks like you can.And I guess it’s just automatically got me in there.So that’s the deal.So that’s that fast.You just sign up for Prime Video.You just use your current Amazon account and just log in and pop, it’s gonna do that.

So I guess the next thing is,I better find out how to quit it,how to quit before the 30 days is over.Cause I wanna make sure of that, but that,I guess we can take a look into help and just to make sure.Setting up and supporting devices,terms and conditions,accessibility, troubleshooting,doesn’t tell a lot with quitting.

So cancel…so how to cancel Prime Video?So I guess it’s because you receive access to Prime Video as part of Amazon.