How to get fast your computer in just 10 mint

Following These steps

Go to Setting In Your Control panel

Hi  guys welcome back today we’re going to be showing you how to speed up your windows 10

Step 1 : This is a complete step-by-step tutorial that will help you to boost your windows 10 pc

  • Don’t worry it can be applied to any windows 10 pc regardless of whatever hardware configurations you have so without further ado let’s get started number one enable storage sense to save space storage sense is a great feature.
  • That will help you to make more space on your computer it can achieve this by automatically getting rid of files you don’t need anymore like the temporary files.
  • The contents in your recycle bin it can even make more room by deleting the previous version of your windows 10 files it is definitely well to be included in the performance category because the more space you clean the less laggy your windows 10.
  • It will become or we can say it will become more responsive anyway the storage sense option is disabled on your Windows 10 by default so let me show you how to enable it to go to your windows settings as always press the windows key plus. 
  • I on your keyboard now head over and open the first menu which is the system now navigate to the storage submenu and simply enable the Storage sense option now windows 10 will be automatically cleaning your unwanted files. 
How to 10X faster windows 10 your pc using cmd

Step 2: Open Your Task Manager

  • So you can have that peace of mind number two startup app standard program is a program or application that runs automatically after your system has booted up normally previously was managed by your task manager. 
  • It’s still available there but on windows 10 it’s much easier than before head over to your windows settings and for that, you can press the Windows key plus on your keyboard.
  • Otherwise, you can go to the start menu and click on this gear icon anyway once you’re here head over to the apps menu now navigate to the startup submenu, and. 
  • There you will see all the apps or programs which are running in the background every time you have booted up your system background apps are useful only if you use them on a regular basis. 
  • while it’s running in the background minimize your system tray it can appear faster when you need them compared to the other apps or programs in that case.

Step 3:Increasing your ram processing power

We can say this way background apps are already launched and waiting for your call but beware it is also using your valuable system resources like your ram processing power etc.

which will bring a great negative impact on your windows performance by disabling them from an automatic startup you can free up a lot of your system resources means that you can get more performance for your other application in need also. 

It will cause faster boot apps so let’s go ahead and disable every app or program which you are not at all using I hope you did that so let’s jump to another tweak number three reduce recycle bin limit don’t even think.

Step 4 : High performance and power saver power

  • Its recycle bin default would be 100 gigs and think if you’re a person who never clears your recycle bin all of your deleted files will keep in your recycle bin until it reaches 100 gigs.
  • And all these 100 gigs of storage are being used from your system drive. You know what if your system drive is full or kind of fool your windows will become laggy unresponsive 
  • It’s a fact if you want you can check that yourself so this is another way to always keep your c drive exhausted i hope you understand the point of limiting the data that your recycle bin can store so let me show you. 
  • How to do that go to recycle bin desktop icon right-click on it now choose properties now go to customize size as you can see it is written in MB’s so let’s dial in 10000 or 15 000 would set you recycle bin limit to 10 or 15 gigs now click apply. 
  • And you’re done number four better power plan. You may not have heard about the term power plan in windows before unless you’re an advanced user so let me tell you a short brief about the powerplant before changing.
  • Now you can understand how much of a performance jump you’ll get just by changing your powerplan on your windows 10 pc normally.
  • We have three different power plants available in the windows by default and those are balanced high performance and power saver power plants the default power plant choice of the windows would be the balanced option.


And Then Restart Your Computer

Step 5 : Open Your Powershell command (Assure Master)

  • So, How do get fast your computer in just 10 mint. if you check for the currently enabled power plan on your control panel it would be the balanced option for a quick boost you can quickly choose the high-performance power plan.
  • It may also be hidden under the additional plans tab so be sure to check there as well but wait we have a more powerful powerplant hidden inside windows 10 itself so let me show you.
  • How to enable that one and I’m pretty sure that you don’t need more explanation about the other three power plants they are pretty much self-explanatory so let’s focus on the fourth one the hidden power plan. 
  • The ultimate power option is the most powerful power plant amongst the available power plant as well as it is a great choice. 


  • If you’re really serious about your computer hardware performance especially 
  • If you are the person who does some heavy workloads or hardcore gaming on the system only recommend this for the power users.
  • You won’t find it until we do a little trick so let’s go ahead and unveil the hidden monster the ultimate power mod go to your start button right-click on it. 
  • It will bring this short menu now go ahead and pick this windows Powershell admin option it is important to pick the Powershell with admin rights so keep that in mind now type in this command line to the Powershell. so your Pc fast in just seconds.