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How to Prepare 2024 SSC CGL

Preparing for the SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level) exam requires a systematic approach and dedication. Here are some steps to help you prepare effectively:

  1. Understand the Exam Pattern:Familiarize yourself with the SSC CGL exam pattern, which consists of four tiers: Tier-I (Preliminary), Tier-II (Mains), Tier-III (Descriptive Paper), and Tier-IV (Skill Test/Computer Proficiency Test). Each tier has a specific format and syllabus, so understand what to expect in each stage.
  2. Gather Study Materials:
    Acquire the necessary study materials, including official SSC CGL exam books, previous year question papers, and reference books for different subjects. You may also consider online courses, video lectures, and study apps to supplement your preparation.
  3. Make a Study Plan:
    Create a well-structured study plan that covers all subjects and topics. Allocate sufficient time for each subject based on your strengths and weaknesses. Consistency in your study routine is key.
  4. Focus on Basics:
    Start by building a strong foundation in subjects like mathematics, English, and general awareness. Ensure that you understand the basics thoroughly before moving on to advanced topics.
  5. Practice Regularly:
    Solve previous year question papers and practice mock tests to get a sense of the exam pattern and to improve your time management and problem-solving skills. Regular practice is essential for success in SSC CGL.
  6. Time Management:
    Manage your time wisely during the exam. Learn to allocate time for different sections based on your strengths. Prioritize questions that you can answer quickly and return to the more challenging ones later.
  7. Stay Updated:
    Keep yourself updated on current affairs and general knowledge. Read newspapers, watch news, and follow online sources to stay informed about the latest events and developments.
  8. Improve English Skills:
    Work on your English language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. Read books, newspapers, and magazines to enhance your reading skills.
  9. Join Coaching Classes (Optional):
    Consider joining a reputable coaching institute for guidance and structured preparation. While coaching is not mandatory, it can be beneficial for those who require additional support.
  10. Maintain Health and Well-being:
    Don’t neglect your physical and mental health during the preparation. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep are essential for maintaining focus and concentration.
  11. Revise Regularly:
    Periodic revision is crucial. Create concise notes and summaries of important topics to aid in your revision process.
  12. Stay Motivated:
    Maintain a positive attitude, stay motivated, and keep a clear goal in mind. Understand that SSC CGL preparation can be challenging, but your dedication and hard work will pay off.

SSC CGL 2024 Best Book

  • SSC CGL Tier I: 40 Sets” by Disha Publication
  • “Kiran’s SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Exams Question Bank”
  • Rakesh Yadav’s SSC Mathematics
  • “Lucent’s General Knowledge” (for General Awareness)
  • “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis (for vocabulary and English)
  • “Plinth to Paramount” by Neetu Singh (for English)
  • “A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal” by R.S. Aggarwal (for reasoning)

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