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Hey guys, I’m john.

  • This one, specifically how to negotiate a better car accident insurance claim check.With that said, John,let’s go into the question that was posted.
  • This question is from Emily.Emily says, “Hello John.”I’m in the process of requesting a claim check”for a small car accidentI was in two weeks ago.”It was the other person’s fault.”I do have a police report.”Can you provide me with any tips or advice”on what I can do to negotiate more money”from the insurance company and accident claims lawyers?so fast this process “Thank you.”- Okay.
  • So Emily’s question is a pretty common question.She just wants to know what she needs to do after a small accident.What wasn’t addressed there with Emilyis whether she was injured or not,but it sounds like she probably has a little property damage.
  • So I’ll just kindof go over both.One that I don’t talk about a lot,which is something that actually people want to addressright away, always, is the property damage, their vehicle,how to get it fixed, if it’s at the tow yard,those kind of things always bother people because they wanna get in a vehicle so that they sometimes can get treatment too.

Third party insurance claim

One of the things that people need to be aware of is that there’s actually typically two adjusters that are gonna handle their claim.One’s a property damage adjuster and the other one’s their bodily injury adjuster,and that’s on both sides of the accident.So one of the things thatshe can do right away notify her insurance company that there was an accident,make sure that they’re aware.She can speak directly with the adverse insurance company,third party insurance, if she has that information.

At the accident, she wants to make sure that she gets the other party’s insurance company information.If the police come,which I always recommend that Emily would call the police,they’ll typically get the auto insurance information for her and give her what we callan accident exchange form.That will have the information about the other party,their insurance company,a contact number.

So she can call that contact number and open up a claim with them, and let them know that there was an accident.There is a little warning here.She doesn’t necessarily wanna talk to them about her injuries,the extent of them,that kind of thing,because that would later be used against her.If she tells them that,”My shoulder hurts a little bit, but I think it’s fine,”and then later finds out that she had a torn tendon in her shoulder, that could potentially cause some issues later on.

Property damage Insurance Claim

So I would recommend that they only deal with the property damage at this point.Depending on her damage to her car,if it’s a total loss,

Now, if it’s just damage,the car insurance companies on her side and the otherside might want her to go and get a body shop to evaluate what it is that would take to fix the car, and that’s fine.She should be aware, though,sometimes the insurance companies have their own body shops that like to minimize the cost that they charge so that the insurance company doesn’t have to pay out more.

So she might wanna find her own body shop that she trusts and take it to that person to get an opinion.Oftentimes, independent body shops will use new parts to make sure that they tell the insurance company exactly what needs to happen there.

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She also should take good photos of the car and be aware that she also has what we call a diminished value claim.A diminished value claim means that if she gets that car repaired and later, sells it,the person who buys that’s gonna know that car was in an accident.There’s all sorts of ways people can find that out.

Process to claim this accident claims lawyers ?

They’re not gonna wanna payas much for that vehicleas a car that hasn’t been in an accident.So she has a claim there for what we call diminished value,Another note is business insurance company should send hera report, if she asks for it,that will list all the other vehicles that they have seen in the area that have the same make, model,and it helps determine what the value other vehicle is,and that’s typically with a car thats totaled,but that’s something that she wants to request too.

With the property damage,that’s what she needs to know right off the bat.With her bodily injury, there’s gonna be another adjuster.I would recommend that she doesn’t speak with them.She can talk to her own insurance company and let them know she was in an accident,that she was injured,probably doesn’t wanna go into a lot of details with that at this point,but from the adverse company insurance ,she just needs to make sure she gets all those medical record.

so pressure tactics.If they need me, myservice, moving forward,I’m happy to help ’em with that.I’m always happy to just consult them and let them know what they insurance need to know moving forward.- Excellent. Thanks For your time, Thank you.