Top 100 AdSense High CPC Keywords In India 2022 List

Top 100 AdSense High CPC Keywords In India 2022 List

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Google Adsense are one of the best  approaches to make cash online and high cpc ad network , this technique is usually utilized by bloggers. But locating Best excessive CPC keywords may be a headache for any amateur blogger and that they don’t recognise where to begin. In this post, I even have shared AdSense High CPC Keywords In India and different respective international locations which might be in call for so that you can goal them together along with your AdSense weblog and additionally Google AdWord campaign. 

This article is a compilation of one hundred+ High CPC keywords 2022, which you may use to begin your marketing and marketing campaign. These key-word lists will assist you to discover the proper area of interest and dominate your opposition on Google.

AdSense is one of the most used monetization gear for bloggers. The AdSense software allows customers to show applicable advertisements on their website, and in return, they acquire a part of the cash spent via means of the advertisers. When you use Google AdSense for your site, you want to offer content material that is associated with your area of interest. If you operate on keywords which have low opposition, then it will likely be simpler if you want to rank better in seek outcomes for the ones High CPC keyword.

Top Life Insurance Companies in India 2022

What Is CPC in Ads Network ?

The cost per click, or CPC, is the quantity you’ll must pay each time a person clicks for your ad. The better CPC key word permit companies to goal an target target market this is actively looking for their offerings or products. For example, if a plumber has a high-fee key-word like “plumbing”, they are able to price extra cash each time a person clicks on their ad. They are capable of discover what different plumbing offerings are being looked for withinside the location and price accordingly.

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
Insurance100K – 1M$43
Lawyer100K – 1M$41
Mortgage100K – 1M$24
Attorney 100K – 1M$18
Donate100K – 1M$16
Conference call10K – 100K$21
Degree100K – 1M$21
Credit100K – 1M$20
Electricity100K – 1M$13
SEO100K – 1M$11

Latest Update 2022 by assure master


KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
auto insurance quotes40.500$ 103.05
workers compensation insurance14.800$ 103.02
car insurance quotes165.000$ 97.61
compare car insurance online170$ 93.57
buy car insurance online1.600$ 89.65
auto insurance165.000$ 86.77
commercial auto insurance9.900$ 84.74
small business insurance14.800$ 82.63
professional indemnity140$ 80.54
general liability insurance5.400$ 77.06
e&o insurance8.100$ 76.07
business insurance40.500$ 75.26
car insurance368.000$ 75.20
insurance quotes135.000$ 73.91

Lawyer Keywords

  1. motorcycle lawyer $ 317.61
  2. automobile accident lawyers $ 244.03
  3. auto injury lawyers $ 241.30
  4. accident claims lawyers $ 239.51
  5. mesothelioma law firm $ 232.67
  6. accident attorney $ 222.56
  7. accident lawyers firm $ 214.14
  8. accident lawyer $ 189.58

MY Suggesation in HIGH CPC ?

  • The trouble with CPC keyword is that the marketplace is oversaturated. There are manner too many human beings bidding on those key phrases and too many advertisers preventing for the identical area in a Google seek effects web page. This makes it very hard to be visible and to have your web page stand out.
  • What are you able to do to get round this? Well, there are matters you may do. First, you may actually wish for a miracle. But that’s now no longer an powerful strategy. The 2d factor you may do is diversify your content material with the aid of using incorporating different visitors reassets along with social media.