blocked websites how i can unblock them


how’s it going everybody welcome back by Assure Master

Step 1 :

  • Today I’m going to show you guys blocked websites how i can unblock them
  • So this is of course a method that will work with any kind of geo-restriction be it a streaming service uh some kind of uh website that is only available for a few countries or one country or whatever. 
  • It is you’re going to be able to get access to whatever it is that you’re looking for depending on of course the location so uh you know. 
  • Let’s say i’m trying to unblock HBO max here and a Disney  plus uh we’ll be using those as an example as well as ruben so for example you know disney plus and hbo max are only available in the states.  
  • Whereas rubber is not available in these states uh it’s actually available in uh about half of europe  you know in a few countries in Latin America. 
  • So yeah I’ll just show you guys how you can Unblock uh these and of course, this method again will  apply to any other streaming service or website that is blocked in your country. 
  • So of course we’re going to be using a vpn i’ll be using  expressvpn to demonstrate uh you can of course  use nordvpn and surf shark.

Step 2 :

  • Which are perfectly capable uh vpns to Unblock Website as well but i prefer expressvpn  since it is uh well my favorite vpn it’s just  my go-to vpn when it comes to uh my vpn needs.
  • So if any point you guys would like to check  for links to special deals and discounts you’ll  find links to special deals and discounts in the  description down below as well as full reviews  if you’d like to learn more about these vpns.
  • So now for hbo max and disney plus i know  they’re only available in these states right so  it’s very simple and this up this method of  course applies to all the other vpns
  • In nordvpn  for example all you have to do is zoom in and pick  one of these state servers uh with surfshark just  you know search through these servers here. 
  • And you’ll get one of the servers that you’re  looking for uh and with expressvpn is of course  we’re going to go to locations all locations to Unblock Website  Americas states and just pick one of these or if  you don’t you know wanna have to pick you can just  click united states. 
  • And turn the vpn on uh with regards to protocols i would suggest that you use the best performing protocols to Unblock.
  • But you don’t even have to mess with these if you don’t like  just go with an automatic you can definitely do  that but for consistency’s sake.
  • I would like to advise you to stick to the best-performing protocols such as the lightweight UDP protocol here you won’t have to change to any other protocol once you select lightweight up  and of course.

Step 3 :

  • If you’re on nordvpn i would  recommend using the nord lynx protocol  whereas on surf shark i would definitely recommend  using the wire guard protocol and Unblock Website
  • So now that i’m connected to the vpn right here all i need to do  is of course refresh right here with Disney plus and you saw there. 
  • So the url changed and redirected me to Disney plus unfortunately that doesn’t happen with hbo max.
  • I want you guys to just watch out for stuff like this in this case you will have to remove that part  that says bioavailability of that url and you’ll  be good to go. 
  • And it really is as simple as that  okay so with uh rubet if i go ahead and refresh  um i believe i believe it’ll still give me  this yeah. 

Step 3 :

  • So it’s still giving me this  notification here that it’s not available  in my region.
  • So what am i going to do  is of course switch regions to argentina because it is available in Argentina of course you know if you’re trying to access a  certain website you definitely have information on with?
  • Where it is available so I’m sure you’ll be able to figure that part out as i have with rubber right here and you’ll just have to refresh at this point.

Step 4 :

  • It really is as simple as that uh so again if you guys are interested in any of these vpns you’ll find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below as well as  full reviews.
  • That’ll give you more of an in-depth look into the privacy policy speed streaming 20  capabilities as well as security and features. 
  • So  if you wanted a quick brief on which one of these  to get if you’re looking for the best vpn overall  i would just go with expressvpn 
  • it is my go to vpn  it’s got over 3000 servers in 94 countries uh and  it performs very well super easy to use available  on every single device 
  • It  will secure up to five devices per subscription if  you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper  you’ll get nordvpn with 34 less countries although 
  • It does make up for the lack of countries in the  amount of servers of course with over 5 000 turner  servers in 60 countries and it comes with a few  extra features here and there uh

Step 5 :

  1. It’ll allow  you to secure up to six devices per subscription  if you’re looking for something even cheaper you  know you’ll get that with surf shark
  2. Surf shark is just one of those VPNs that gets the job done at the cheapest possible cost and it will allow you to secure an unlimited number of devices. 
  3. So you can share your account with as many people as you would like all your friends and family can make full use of surf shark with just one subscription. 
  4. This can be very handy and it works very well with streaming services specifically uh but if  you’re looking of course for consistency. 
  5. You can just go with expression unless you don’t like the pricing then you can go down to nordvpn and if you want something even more of a budget-friendly VPN.
  6. I hope you understand how To Unblock a Website That Is BLOCKED.