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New Gadget Launch 2022

So guys we have discussed the New Tech Gadget in Amazone 2022, these tiny dumb robots show their power in numbers in a paper published by science robotics researchers showed how these bugs form robotic superstructures like regular bugs.

Weren’t bad  enough huh these mindless robots are being sold as toys but they can do some pretty complex actions when grouped together teamwork makes a dream work these robots.

It can squeeze through narrow passageways move through an obstacle course and even carry a load all by clustering together and moving as one superstructure sounds like a little reminder not to pick on the little guys.

Did you know if you go to this website Amazone. New Tech Gadget in Amazone 2020 ,you can pick through any  of these prompts i’m going to draw an extremely tiny house draw some grass make our tiny house. 

And then when you’re done hit submit and the ai will rank your drawing with all the other  submissions genius inventions.

Affordable Price

You can buy you can connect your smartphone to this fingernail printer and print anything you want on your nails i bet this product is gonna make so much money.  

This book turns into a lamp when you open it up you can buy one for about 30  take a look at this dad’s halloween costume that makes it look like. 

He’s getting abducted by aliens. This machine will fold any clothing you put into it the only problem is that they  cost almost two thousand dollars this faucet can make your sink look extra fancy that whirlpool effect is really cool check out. 

That can transform when you move it a certain way  it looks like some magical weapon.

So this kitchen has a hidden passageway that’ll take you to a secret staircase but like who really needs that a new visual experience ford theatre may not everyone wants to implant an nfc rfid chip sodas.

Cool Gadgets 2022 features

Hey siri what’s it like being bipolar i hate my mood swings they’re great .

So i just found the brand new ps5 for context this is what the original ps5 looks like and this  is the tiny heatsink on the new one.

It’s literally about half the size and over a half a pound  lighter so if you want to know how to tell the difference between the new ps5.  

The old one  check the model number the old model that has the better thermal performance is the 1015d and  the new tiny heatsink model is the 1100b in amzone.

China Launch latest Gadget 2022

Testing Process

So I am testing the new ps5 runs about five to six degrees celsius hotter and that’s on the exhaust which means that with i mean basically half the heatsink.  

I’m really curious to see how the performance and the long-term of this new ps5 this Gadget but it’s hard to argue that going from this to this isn’t a pretty major downgrade here’s another pc tip first head over to the search bar.

And type in control panel then go on the search bar and type in troubleshoot click on troubleshooting then click on run maintenance tasks and finally click next this.

Interesting Technology

It  will make your pc faster can you make the first thing you learn to make yeah let’s go back in time safety might be thinking. 

It’s got to be something cool um big axes knives shelters all that sort of stuff nope it’s not so for me it’s always been about making.

What i call the number one survival tool and should always be your first survival tool aside from your brain you should be able to make some sort of knife. 

What do i mean by knife something like this right here or like these are stone flakes these are the essential survival tool.

  • If you don’t have a blade if you can find the right stone pop a flake off of it you now have a knife stone that guy right there ammo these are tools you’ve seen me make things with these. 
  • You’ve seen me make things out of these. These flakes are extremely important a person’s ability to survive with absolutely nothing to walk out in the woods. 
  • Find something like this pop something like that off and your entire day has just changed from good pretty awesome this right here is a perfect little example got a nice little bulb of percussion. 
  • I can hold this guy’s cut fire boards. I can cut plants for cordage making and I can process out game. I can even score around thick trees.


  1. I can  take this and score all the way around and then snap break the tree over stone flakes you can make some stone flakes. 
  2. You can go out in the bush and learn survival skills  and primitive skills and bushcraft skills with just stone flakes you are going to go  light years ahead of everybody else so learn to make the tools that make the tools. 
  3. You’ll be good to go stone flakes you can make them and you can thrive thanks for it’s watching your cat have a mutation in its sonic hedgehog gene.
  4. How would i know it’s a genetic difference that causes cats to have extra toes but this isn’t caused by a mutation in the gene itself instead it’s a mutation nearby the gene okay but why is it called sonic hedgehog. 

New Robotics Ideas

  • so basically fruit flies with mutations in that gene looks small and spiky and phylogenies live for crazy gene names.  
  • what does the gene normally do this gene is really important for your overall body pattern including parts of your arms and legs and like all jeans.
  •  it needs to be turned on and off in exactly the  right place at exactly the right time to do its job properly like flipping a switch exactly one way your cells do this is with other pieces of DNA called enhancers.
  •  these enhancers are often near a  gene that they control cats with extra toes have a genetic difference in an enhancer called the zeros. 
  •  this difference causes the sonic hedgehog gene to turn on more than normal specifically in the area near the fingers or toes this leads to an extra toe or two 
  •  who can this happen with humans sure similar genetic differences in the zrs are seen in people dogs and chickens with extra fingers or toes no water all right.