Can i use termux in Android 9.0

  1. Hi guys , in this video i’m going to show you how you can download mugs onto your phone and How to use termux . Unbox sandbox is an android terminal emulator that creates a linux environment in your device
  2. Which you can install so many packages that are available for printing systems like kali linux it runs on both rooted and unrooted android phones.
  3. So it’s not compulsory to root your phone because using a camera although if you have a rooted phone it will be good because i unrooted devices there are some limitations i would recommend you to install Termux.
  4. Even f  droid because right now google play build or camera and no longer updated because of some issues so the version on google play is an old version and it’s no longer being updated so the best if you want a good new update.
  5. You should upgrade your thumbnails from android first thing on google i’m going to click the first link we’re going to have to install f droid.
How to use Termux |Termux Tutorial For Beginners 2022
How to use Termux |Termux Tutorial For Beginners 2022

First Install This Application of Termux

First before we can install time marks of termux so we come down and we’re gonna click download fdroid so click on itso click download so wait for it to install okay done installing[Music]she says do you want to install this application it does not require any special access.

  • So we click on install so when it’s done installing we click open,so you can look up it says updating repositories might take some few minutes okay.
  • So now we’re going to look for Denmark. You can also click this magnifying glass icon then just type it okay so this is it the sec the third one is a Tama emulator with packages.
  • So we’re gonna click on download with this icon on the arrow facing down so now we’re gonna click on install.
  • She says for your security your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source so we’re going to set things to make some changes to that click allow from this source then go back and say do you want to install termux this application.

It does not need any special access so install so it’s done installing so we’re going to open it up you have installed time locks on your phone this is how you can install cameras on your phone after installing termux there’s a few things you need to number one you have to grant it access to your storage.

Second Step

  • So that you are able to access files and folders and second thing if you look at right here you can see the arrow buttons you can use the arrow button to move the cursor to your left to your right or down or up. Tramadol for sale
  • So we also have the control of the author and the home and now if you click on the screen for a couple of minutes just press it down on the screen.
  • you can see a copy paste appear and more if you click more you can see it says select url here transcript autofill password reset kill process style screen help and you can also see the settings right here.
  • So just click back and also if you move your hand from your left to your right on your screen you’ll be able to bring the menu at the side like this so it says keyboard if you press it your keyboard will come back like that.
  • Then if you also do it again you can now see the session ,we’ve sessions at moving your and from your screen from your left to your right you can see the keyboard and now we have new sessions you can open up to eight stations.

Access to Memory Storage

  1. So let’s go back close to that so right now we’re going to give access to time marks to access our memory so let’s do that we’re gonna type ta max setup storage so let’s do that okay.
  2. Now we pressenter okay made a mistake right there so just press the up part of your arrow to bring back what you have type i include an a that was missing the storage.
  3. Now I’m going to click the allow number two command and we’re going to run the is pat list. You will see the list of available and then install it.
  4. Now okay i’m meant to leave a space i’m not going to put that in it so what i’m going to type is apt spacelist you will see the list of available
  5. So enter but right now you can only see that it is only showing the installed packages it is because the list has not been updated so how can you update the list.
  6.  So now we’re gonna type apt update to update the list. This command will fetch the package list from the internet and will update our local list.
  7.  We saw just right now that you have to have internet on your phone and it has to be on for this command to work. After fetching is finished you can see it’s written 10 packages can be upgraded one apt list upgradable.

Install these packages by typing apt lists

  • So what i’m gonna do right i’m just gonna copy this can also copy it just copy it copy i’m gonna come down here to paste it paste it after personally press enter after typing apt list upgradable.
  •  you will see the list of upgradeable packages only so these are the upgradeable packages right now so now we’re going to install these packages by typing apt lists dash dash installed  in the same way if you type apt list installed.
  •  You will see the list of installed packages only. We saw that there were 10 packages that can be upgradeable. How can you upgrade them? First, let’s install it. Let’s type apt list dashdash install.
  •  Should I see the arrow to move it dotaccess delete okay so that’s itlet me come back then click enter okay let’s type it again okay now it’s installing the correct one is apt space list space install then put the stash there.
  •  so right now we’re going to upgrade the packages that we have on tamox so let’s say type apt upgrade okay.