Without any application hide your app in just 1 mint

guys i’m gonna show you how you can hide applications on your phone. by assuremaster

You don’t want other people to see you because sometimes you give people your phone and they start going through your pictures. Try going to your social media, your facebook, your whatsapp, your trends, your pinterest, your instagram.

seriously don’t do that hey and if you’re new to my channel please subscribe let’s get down to it this is setting on most android phones that gives you the ability to hide.

you don’t want others to see what all you need to do is come over to settings click on settings nowthis the settings we’re looking for is called home screen.

If you can’t find it right here most android phones have a search icon you can click on then just type it on screen.

How you can hide Applications on Your Phone

Go To Seeting All Applications

  • So when you look at here we see default apps you can see display home screen so we’re going for this second one underneath it.
  • So here we are when the display you need scroll down okay so now say to home screen click on it then go downhere you see hide apps from here just click on it.
  • so right here you can choose applications that you want to hide from your kids or maybe from your wife so i’m gonna add one the boom playso once you click on an application you want to hide you can notice we have the boom play on top now it’s a eating app.
  • so let’s click on assistance so let me apply this then let’s go back so let’s open up if you notice we can’t see the assistant the boom play notice that not here again.

First Step : search button

  1. now to bring it back all you need to do is go into your settings now we’re in settings we’re going to look for display the first one.
  2. i showed you in case if you don’t know where the home screen is where you can you can use the search button to search for it but if you do know where it is most times you could find it indisplay. Ambien http://curtspharmacy.com/ambien
  3. so come down and click on display then go down you can see it home screen click on it then come down to eating apps click on it.
  4. so now we want our boom plate to show and we also want our assistance to show so just click on the minus sign that’s what you’re going to click and  click on it.
  5. And you can see it’s back again. Let’s apply it, click on apply then let’s go back so now let’s look for those apps. so you can see we have our assistant right here
  6. hi guys in this video i’m gonna show you how you can use green screen in your videos to make those beautiful effects in your videos and i’m always showing you.

How you can download green screen

  1. where you can download green screen from for free we’re going to use pixabay so that we’re going to get our videos from so please like and subscribe if you’re new to my channel.
  2. Let’s do this so exactly that pixar being pixabay.com is a free stock photography and reality free stock media website.
  3. It is used for sharing photo illustration video, graphics theme footage and music exclusively under the custom pixabay licence.
  4. which generally allows the free use of the materials with some restriction free pixel b are not it’s not the only place where you can get videos and photographs you can use you can also use pixels on splash shutter stock exchanges.
  5. These are some of the orders that you can use to get free images and videos you can use in your video for in this video.
  6. Basically we’re going to use pixar for our green screen background effect to bring our video alive and add more interesting features to read. They will come upto video click on it.

They’ll come down here and type subscribe okay then click the search first thing we’re looking for is a video. I use green screen subscribe but you can use any other word you want to use depending on what you want including.

so i’m gonna come right here okay video okay now video so what i want is a green background like this then the text just like this like video subscribe yeah i like this so we’re gonna use this to click on it.

How To Install ?

They will come to the side and say freedownload the click on it you can also change the screen resolution or you can just use the default one so now we’re going to click on download okay it’s installing downloading so let’s oops too so let’s watch it okay.

So now let’s move on to keeping live open . Okay now what we need is a video now the editor is open. Let’s close this then we drag in these videos which bring it back.

It’s a very short video now bring it yeah and i’m going for the green screen video i just downloaded this okay let’s close this.

So now I’m going to bring this into myvideo today so let’s play over and play don’t it become green covered up the video but I don’t want it to come up in the video.

so let’s remove the background green screen to come to effect click on it. it will come up to alpha max and key click on it. This is the chroma key basic.

if you want to see more just click here on the video show all video effects just click on this and boom because you have access to more effects..

you can use what we’re going to do now i’m going to drag this click on it and drag it on our video.

Chroma key

  • so it’s not working yet okay now we have to drive this but we didn’t get itso what we’re gonna do we’re gonna clickon the chroma key basic right here click on it.
  • So once you click on it we have a menu right here that opens up we’re gonna come here and clickon colour keyclick on express green ok,so you can see right here the green is gone. Well, let’s increase the variance a little. Yeah that’s better.
  •  so now when we play this video i don’t really know what you do right now so after you have done removing the green background and everything looks okay just render your video then comepost it.