Cyber Ghost VPN Premium Account Free for 1 year

Hello everyone and welcome to youtube channel this will be an in-depth review of cyberghost a widely known vpn provider from romania.

What is Cyberghost VPN ?

 cyberghost is a vpn known for its cheap prices tons of servers and generally respectable speeds this vpn comes with more than 6000 servers in 90 countries as well as seven simultaneous connections.

 Moreover cyberghost claims to have a zero-logs policy as well as excellent security features that will help you stay secure and anonymous online but the question for this cyberghost review is whether or not.

 it is true well we’re going to put all of these claims to thetestand see if cyberghost is worth a shot as always we start our cyberghost review with app compatibility being one of the top vpns on the market.

cyberghost has a lot to prove for example the supported apps as we cancel cyberghost is really good when it comes to app compatibility supporting apps for windows mac linux android ios and many other platforms what’s more cyberghost even supports browser extensions such as those for firefox or chrome.

however you need to know that cyberghost browser extensions are just free proxies and not full-fledged extensions such as those we saw on expressvpn nevertheless.

cyberghost also supports tv apps

cyberghost also supports tv apps such as those for android tv smart tv apple tv fire tv and many others.

What wealsolike is support for gaming consoles and these include your standard playstation and xbox one consoles however as expected cyberghost doesn’t have native apps for consoles which is practically impossible to have and therefore. 

it supports consoles through routers if you didn’t know we value router support very much because it allows you to extend your possibilities even more for example if we connect cyberghost to router.

support connections

 we can protect from 32 to 64 devices simultaneously because as some of you know routers support either 32 or 64 connections in terms of router support cyberghost is decent although not better than expressvpn.

 for example it still supports multiple firmware and you can install cyberghost on pretty much every router in terms of app support cyberghost really nails it therefore if you like cyberghost based on supported devices. Generic Cialis

 you can get this vpn at 83 percent off if you use the following perhaps just click on the link in description below to get a special discount moving on we need to check cyberghost’s app.

And see how good and easy it is to use as we can see the app looks really simple and lets you connect to a server in literally two clicks.

Security server ?

 So what we’re going to do now is first connect to the server. For example we’ll use Australia. You can click on Australia and use the connection button to connect alternatively.

 you can just double-click on australia and in a few seconds cyberghost successfully establishes a connection moving on with our cyberghost review wecan see that the provider has dedicated servers.

 There are several types of them. We have dedicated ip servers and as you can see on the screen dedicated ip is a bonus feature for which you need to pay additionally on a monthly basis.

then we have no spy servers for example no spy server are cyberghost proprietary servers focused on privacy and anonymity then we have torrenting servers.

And these are your p2p friendly servers that you can use for downloading torrents or enjoy any p2p file sharing activity then we have streaming servers which are perhaps the most interesting because cyberghost offers dedicated servers for different platforms.

for example we have servers for netflix for amazon prime video tube tv hulu and even disney+features wise cyberghost doesn’t disappoint either let’s click on connection features.

Speed Test And Protocols

Here we can enable one of cyberghost’s most significant features and that is ad blocker. This ad blocker functions greatly and it blocks not only ads but also malicious websites and online tracking.

if we click on smart rules we can see that cyberghost vpn actually offers a few more settings and that iswi-fi protection and exceptions is another name for split tunneling which is the feature.

 we often see in many high-end providers we also have app protection which lets you protect a specific app more settings can be found.

 if we click down below on the settings menu and here cyberghost offers many settings such as for example changing your appearance.


 which you can see on the screen we use a dark theme but you can also use the light theme if your eyes aren’t suffering further more there’s an automatic kill switch which is very very important.

 then if you click on the connection tab we can see that cyberghost lets you change from a variety of protocols since we’re using a windows pc cyberghost offers just two protocols and these are openvpn and ikev2. 

however if you’re using android or linux you’ll be able to access wire guard as well which is a new protocol promising much faster speeds and shorter connection times then to conclude this section.

 we can also see that cyberghost offers dns leak protection which we will check later on in our cyberghost review but before we do so let’s first perform a speed test, the speed results you see on the screen are actually our native internet speed results.

Cyber Ghost VPN Premium Account Free for 1 year

Secure Vpn

So basically we tested our speed without using any vpn. Now what we’ll dois test cyberghost but use two servers. Our location is europe and therefore we’ll use a european server first which is a server in germany more than once.

we’ll go overseas and use the us-based server to test if speed reduction is significant. We’ll click on all servers and then scroll down and find germany.

we double click on germany and cyberghost vpn successfully connects then we minimize this window.

 we click on speed test to refresh the page lastly we click on go to initiate the speedtest the results from our speed test are pretty good we must admit cyberghost offers exceptional speeds.