How to  install pycharm version 2020.3 on Windows 10.

Hi guys, how are you? I said today I will show you how to  install pycharm version 2020.3 on Windows 10.



Hi everyone, you must be aware that Python is a High Programming language.Is python used by many friends for coding and also for giving a professional look?

you could select what particular interpreter you want to use for your new project.

So you can either use python 2.7 or any version that you have already installed in your system so for this i will just go with my current version of python that i installed which is 3.9.

So this is why you need to have your python installed before installing pycharm because python will depend on this python language to run any script that you’re writing.

Many companies use Python for their coding and users also do their own accordion.

USe Multiple Project in This Python

  • So i just select my latest version of the python that i’ve installed which is3.9and here you can check this inherit global site packages for some of the functionalities you have in this model to be accessible to other models.
  • so i’ll just check this and then the same thing would be made available to our project i would just check this and then here again it says if you want your previous configured interpreter you could select this.
  • If you want your previous interpreter and you can select any of the previous interpreters and all that but for these i i want to use this new virtual environment.
  • I want to use my current interpreter that i have installed which is 3.9and next you select crete and is now creating a virtual environment for you to start your python programming.
  • So i’ll just maximize this page and here you have different tabs for different functionalities in pycharm which i will explain in my next video.
  • Here you have some shortcut keys which you could use to access your files: go to file ctrl shift n and then here you have your projects

Create Multiple Project

  1. So for this project that we are starting with it is called python test so this is a project folder within this project folder you could have other folders inside of it or other files inside of a project and other functionalities associated with that project.
  2. If i click on this dropdown menu i will see some other folders are associated with this python test file that was created when i initiated a new project and here i have other external libraries that are associated with a project that i have created.
  3. So next we could either come here to right click and then select new and then we go to the python file and all those files that you can create here but for the purpose of this model we want to create a python file.
  4. So i will select a python file and then this new python file window comes up here for me to enter the name of the python file so let’s call this first python or first model and then here we select the python file.


  • So this is our python file that has been created. Next we go straight to write our first python model so i could stay here and print hello world and then i could go down here to say equals two plus four and i could say equals a minus three.
  • so once you’re okay with your first model you have created nexus to run the model there are four ways to run this model you could either come here select run and then you run.
  • you come here right click on the first model here and then you select run the third option is to come here and click run and the fourth option is to use the shortcut key shift plus f10.
  •  So let’s try one of them. Let’s do this onerun and then here is prompting me that which model do i want to run or do i want to steal add configuration that means i need to edit my interpreter or i just want to run my model.

Run Model Programme

 So I want to run the modeland you can see here the model has finished running and you can ask why is my a and c not appearing here because I didn’t adda print function.’

Here, I press install and we should wait for the installation process and you can see the installation was successful.

 so i press close and remember that this python.exe is a very important file this is the interpreter of python and if you don’t see these extensions it should go to view and it should check filename extensions but if you don’t check it you can see that you don’t see these extensions.

How to download and install pycharm

  • so if i decide to go here and say print a and then i go here and say prints and then i can rerun so i will now use this other option to run i’m running.
  •  now you cannot see my a7and my c is for so in this video i’ve been able to show you how to download and install pycharm version 2020.3 on windows 10.
  • and also showed you how to install your python and run your first program using pycharm ide i hope you find this video useful and you now know how to download and install pycharm on your windows 10 computer.
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Installing the pycharm version 2020.3

  •  if you have any difficulty downloading or installing the pycharm version 2020.3 on your windows 10 computer.
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  • so in order to see them you should check this one and you can see python.exe is the python interpreter and remember that we need this python interpreter in windows 10 .

You can coding its different function and programming according to your own, what is the name of the first step which first we create a project.