How To Update Python in latest Version 2022

Hi everyone, I’m gonna show you how to install the latest version of Python on this pc.

Assure master

You Know that Python is High Command language.

First : system requirement

If you need to check your system requirement if you meet the specification you could select on the systems requirement.

And once you’re happy with this you can close these and here you see that pie chart allows you to update python this ideally in windows in mac or in linux.

Here you have two types of pie chart soyou have the professionals and the community the professional has some added features into it and you need to pay for this after using its free trial why the community version is free.

Community edition

So if you want to see the difference between the professional Python and the Python community you can go to features here and then once we scroll down you see the added features to the professional edition and the community edition.

You could give a try to the professional edition by selecting the download here for you could use the community world in my opinion if you are just using it for personalisation.

 I would say if you go with a cognitive fashion you should be able to do most of the things you would want to do using the community version. Personally I use a community version.

Second : professional edition.

  1. Personally I use a community version.but if you are working on complex projects that require access to other databases or sql support you’re working on a web development project and you need other complicated functionality then you can go for the professional edition.
  2.  but for beginners i would recommend you start with the community editionso for this tutorial i will go with the community edition.
  3.  so i come here and iselect download and then here if you want to subscribe you can enter your email and enter your details as we wait for the download to be completed you see the size of the file is 349 megabytes.
  4.  once your download is complete we again open this file here and then we select nest and then here we specify the destination of this sprite charm that we are installing if you’re happy with your destination.

Third : To Create Associtation

You can click next if you’re not happy with a destination, you can go on browse to select your destination i’m happy with the destination.

 so you select nest and then here you select the bit launcher so once you finish installing you’ll see this on your desktop.

 So I will select the bit launcher to appear on my desktop and then here you can select the thepacksso this your computer can recognize this tithe cover here is once you do check this box.

you will need to restart your computer so i will check this box and then here i want to add this open folder project and i want to also create associations i will check this box and once you’re happy with the boxes.

Fourth : charm launcher

  • you can select nest and here you can install Python .so it’s now installing once your installation is complete you can either reboot the system now.
  •  you could do that manually so i will go with doing it manually later.
  •  so i’ll just leave this box here check and theni select finish and then we go check on our desktop forthepie charm launcher i’ll just minimize this.
  •  So here you can see that our pie chart community edition was successfully installed um next i can right click to open this and you can now see the pycharm community 2020.3 is opening so this is the welcome page of the pycharm 2020.3 edition.

How to program with pycharm

Which is quite different from its previous fashion so right now younow haveproject here to customize plugins then pycharm.

so if you want to customize you need to come here customize here you can change the theme color you could either usedragula or whichever color that suits you.

 so here i’m going to use this first one and here again you could edit theme font and the editor font so you could select that and you could make that adjustment once you’re happy with your adjustments.

 here you could come to plugins to add other plugins that you feel will be useful for you like the csv plugin and like thief veeam.

 if you’re familiar with that and other plugins that you feel unnecessary for your work you could um install those plugin in here and then here if you want to learn pycharm it’s going to give you access to some resources on how to program with pycharm in this environment you have my previous pie charm model.

Last To Test This Version Update

  1. I’ve developed so i could select any of these if i want to launch Python into them directly then here it gives me access to previous versions of models that i’ve developed.
  2.  So if iselect on these, I could come here. If I have my previous versions in any particular repository could enter the url or if i have the github account i could select these to assess my account yes i just closed this.
  3. Then here you could select a new project if you want to start up a new project here you can open your project that is saved within your system and then you could select any of those.
  4. I canceled this so here is to start up a new project of Python . I’ll just quickly go to start a new project and once i have my new project wizard opened here i cannot give a name to the project let’s say i call it python tests.
  5. So you could again change the location if you want and you could go in and select different locations that you want i’ll just cancel this and then here you have the base interpreter if you have other versions of python.

I hope guys you understand that how to update this version of python. so just updated and check the features.