How to update your wi-fi network adapter windows 10 pc

welcome back guys  in today’s video i’ll be showing you how to update your wi-fi or network adapter drivers on a windows 10 pc or laptop.

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Step 1 :Go To setting

  • You might want to check for driver updates if there is a problem with your network adapter there are a few ways to check for driver software and in a lot of the cases your drivers might be already up to date most devices won’t need drivers to be downloaded to work.
  • But it’s worth checking to see if there are any driver updates available remember to leave a like and feel free to subscribe if the video helps let’s get into the methods.
  • We’ll start by using the automatic windows tool to try and update our drivers to do this first head to the device manager you can get there by searching for it in the search bar. 
  • When the device manager opens look for the section called network adapters and double click on it to expand it find your network adapter from this list .
  • It should have the words network adapter in its name and it might look like mine but if you’re not sure then.
  • Let me know in the comments and I will try and help when you find it. Double click on it and then go to the driver tabin here find where it says update driver and click on that now choose the automatic option.

Step 2 : Network adapter isn’t working after restarting 

  1. Which should be the top option of the two available if there are any drivers that windows find it should install them automatically however.
  2. It might say that the best drivers are up to date if you want you can click on search for updated drivers on a windows update. 
  3. If you need help installing windows update click the card on screen now to watch your video of mine focusing on that remember.
  4. This method to update drivers in case you can get the driver filelater in that case you can use the manual method instead of the automatic method we have just done to navigate to where the file is stored.
  5. You shouldn’t have to worry about this though once you have installed the driver you may need to restart your pc if your network adapter isn’t working after restarting 
  6. And then try rolling back the driver updater to do this go back to the device manager and find your network adapter on the list.
  7. We’ll now move onto another way to update device drivers you can do this method even if windows couldn’t find any driver updates this method is to check on the website of the manufacturer this will be slightly different depending on your network adapter
  8. Go to the official website of your network adapter manufacturer for example realtek you can use the name of your network adapter in the device manager to see who manufactures it alternatively. 

Step 3 : Drivers Update

  • You could search on google for the network adapter name and then drivers some brands will have a driver’s page.
  • but just make sure you’re on the official website as I’m not responsible.
  • If you download something from a fake source on the driver’s side for the network adapter you must display or allow yourself to search for your model number.
  • Where it allows you to download the drivers download the driver and once it’s finished open the file it should be a setup file and all you need to do is follow these steps to install it once again. 
  • This method will vary depending on your network adapter if your network adapter stops working after installing the new driver’s you can roll back the drivers by following the method.
  • I showed earlier there is one other way to check for and install driver updates this is to download and install automatic driver update software this software will help with updates for all kinds of drivers on your pc automatically.
  •  i’ll leave a link to a video in the description showing you how to install that software and get the latest drivers and so that is how to update your wifi network adapter drivers on windows 10 pc or laptop click the card on the screen. 
  • Now to watch a video of mine showing you 10 easy ways you can speed up your windows 10 pc help support the channel by visiting the store the link is in the description 
  • And at the end of the video if you have any questions then let me know in the comments below.
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Disclaimer :

Welcome to this video presentation that is going to teach you how to login to the Algonquin College WiFi network from your Windows 7 computer.

.Once you have opened up Windows, in the bottom right-hand corner find your Internet connectivity icon and right-click on it.

Select Open Network and Sharing CenterFrom here you can select to set up a new connection or network.Select manually connect to a wireless network and click Next. 

Now enter the network names student. Make sure you use a capital A, capital C and capital S. Under the security tab, select wpa2 enterprise and click Next.

Now click on Change connection settings under the Security tab, and ensure that the protected EAP is selected for the network authentication method.

Now click the Settings button, to uncheck and validate the server certificate.Click OK,and now click on Advanced Settings.Check the box next to specify authentication mode, select user authentication and select save credentials. 

Where You’re going to type in your username and password.This is the same password that you use to log in to any computer at the college or on to Blackboard, and click ok click OK and close all these boxes.

 Now scroll down to the Internet Connectivity icon and left-click on. Select AC student from the list of available networks and click Connect.

As you can see we are now connected to the AC student network.