How to share any drive with map a network drive in Windows 10

hi everyone today I’m gonna be showing you how to map a network drive in Windows 10 now. 

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Following these Steps

  • Now first of all you would want to actually open file explorer not only you can do this just by here in the Start Menu down in the bottom left but you may not actually have it there
  • So your options of opening a file explorer we’ll be using the windows button and s so you can actually search for it or I’ll show you a little tip. 
  • Where if you right-click on your desktop choose personalize then hit the start button and then choose which folders appear OnStar so a Limone you can see a load of these are off so if I click down here there’s nothing here. 
  • However, if I just enable File Explorer and I’ll want to include Network just as an example so we can now I should close out this and if we go back down here.
  •  You’ll now see thatI have Network and file Explorer so now you’re in File Explorer. You want to actually choose this PC because you want to add all the maps and network drive here. To do that just go up to the top of it and hit the button. 
  • And choose map network drive now once you’re in the network drive you can assign any Drive letter that’s available. 
  • So you’ll see here I’ve already got a C D and E so I can either continue that on we have any letter from there or I can just choose the default tone it comes up with with Z 
  • And then from here your network-attached storage device or other soft PC or server that you’re mapping a drive to you can either browse your network.

Step 2 :

  1. So if it’s discoverable across it or you can manually type in the address as you seeing the example here you can type double backslash the server name and then the folder.
  2. So if I wanted to I could type in Paragon backslash YouTube now that would allow me to connect to the YouTube folder stored on my Ness.
  3. However I Wouldn’t recommend using server name some people do tend to have problems of it and in my opinion, it’s always better to use the actual IP address of it especially.
  4.  If you’ve used a fixed IPaddress now once you’ve typed in the address that you can be used for it you’re the to ensure that you’ve got reconnected sign in.
  5.  So this is when you’ve restarted your PC the map drive will always be there and because – actually has its own authentication. 
  6. I want to connect using different credentials to why I used to log into my PC ok so that’s all that done so click finish and then we’ll want to do is just type in the username and password for it
  7. So that’s going to be admin my password name and then it’s ok and then straight away you can see that it’s mapped directly to this folder under the IP address with DZ a fixation.

Step 3 :

  • Now if we go back to this PC you’ll see that it just appears on the network locations and you can see I’ve got three terabytes free of five-point two-three terabytes of the drives that are currently stored in the NASS device. 
  • And that’s map directly to that folder so whenever I’m doing my YouTube videos and stuff I can now actually just simply transfer it through File Explorer. 
  • what used to be called Windows Explorer And a quick tip if you want to quickly go to file explorer without having to go through the Start menu.
  • If you just actually right-click down here and then choose pin to taskbar now I like to keep it there so if we close out with that you’re gonna still see that the icon that stays there 
  • We can move that where everyone is along the taskbar and then whenever I just want to jump back into it it’s one click and Here I am in FileExplorer. 
  • So that’s all it really is to mapping a network drive through FileExplorer now you can use the net use command it should you wish to do.
  • If you want to learn more about this eyelash include a link to this particular web page from technic Microsoft com so you guys can learn a bit about it because it has examples and explains.
  • How to properly use it but as a brief example you will use these commands in the command prompt so to open the command prompt is windows then type CMD and then press ENTER.

Disclaimer :

  • So guys follow these steps and then there’s a lip in this for you and essentially it’s the exact same practice but you are manually typing out so you would type net use than the drive letter you wish to assign.
  • so for example we would just choose m double dot then space then the server name or theIP address.
  • so if we do the backslash and then we will say downloads and then what we actually want to do if we press ENTER now this will map the drive. 
  • But if I restart the PC that’s right when I long be there so we wanted to be persistent so we want it to stay there so for that you want to do backslash capital P double dot and then put yes.
  • Now off that press Enter and you’ll say has been completed successfully and check if we go back to File Explorer you’ll see straight away that the Downloads folder from this IP address has actually arrived without any problem. 

So these drives will stay here every time I Restart my pc because they’ve been set up absolutely perfectly so that’s it that’s all there is to it guys. 

If you do have any questions or you want to learn a bit more about it drop a comment below be happy to answer your questions. 

If you’re a Mac user and you’d like to see a similar tutorial on OSXthen again drop a comment below let me know and I’ll happily do that for you guys until next time thanks.