why is netflix free plan in vietnam

  • How to create a Netflix account using your mobile phone okay first of all you need to download this application on your app store this is netflix.
  • And now we just open this Netflix app first of all you will see the background like this so if you already have a Netflix account just press the sign-in here.
  • And if you don’t have a Netflix account just press get started and then set up your account just press continue and you need to input your email information and password to create this account.
  • Hereafter you have already filled in the email and created a password you can take this one if you don’t want the Netflix free to send you the email.


personal friends and here we go now hal got a brand new strong and randomly generated password within a click of a button for full link.

Step 2 : Fill in Basic Details (Netflix Account )

  • when they have the special offer or something so i don’t take it so i need to receive the email from Netflix so just press continue.
  • Then you just press save the password to your phone and now you just press the seed plant and after that, you will see this table for you to choose. 
  • We have the mobile basic standard and premium so the premium one will cost you about 11.99 per month and it has the 4k HD.
  • It can input into phones, tablet computer and tv another option is the9.99 and it helps the 1080p for the resolution.
  • It has so i like the standard so i just select standards it can workable to my tv my computer tablet or mobile phone.

Step 3 : Choose membership Plan

  • And then just press the continue you can read out another information so I just show you here
  • Then you can check it out. This is another piece of information now if you already read it just press continue 
  • And now you can set up your payment just by inputting your credit card or something into the netflix
  • Then it will cut the credit from your credit card so i just input my credit card okay after you complete filling everything into the credit card information you just tick agree 
  •  And Then start a membership and you need to check for the price before you press start membership so now i press the start membership 
  • And then it will ask you to input your mobile number okay after you input your mobile number just press tick yes and then continue 
  • Now you can see the option to choose so i chose the smart tv set-top box so i just take four and then continue okay
  • Hey guys good news is that you can get the Free Netflix Premium from many sources including us. Also, that is absolutely lawful. I mean you will appropriately login on to Netflix through Account and secret word without paying a solitary penny.
  • We have seen many websites that are giving the terminate Netflix Accounts and Passwords, which is excessively old. We are here with the Free Netflix Premium Accounts and Passwords that you can use in 2022.

Step 4: Select Name and profile pic

  • Whoever we are watching the netflix, you can set up up to five for example i create this is my profile 
  • And another for profile just outdoor family or my wife’s name and then just press continues if there is a kid watching just take this any name. 
  • So I don’t have the only kid watching so I just continue and then select language so i just choose the other one is British English and then continue.
  • You can select more than one. I think it will suggest to you that the language that takes just this one cannot change english and british.
  • My only option is to learn English so just continue this time. We need to choose the three favorite movies that we liked.


they are showing the animated and visually stunning information it’s also interactive so let’s say goodbye to those boring old tags

Step 5: set up the netflix and Enjoy it

  • It has Netflix to suggest us more movies that we like, so I just press first one is squad game another one.
  • I don’t know if I’m not sure about this one and this one and then just press the continue, okay this is just information.
  •  If it has this logo we can download and watch it without using the internet dataso just press ok and now we did so i just play the movie once okay.
  •  now it’s playing i’ll take one of your eyes okay now I’ve already set up the Netflix and i think that’s all for today video. 
  • How we can create the netflix accounts on our mobile phone and it’s just simply easy, not complicated.
  • Thank you, everyone, for your time for watching this short video and if you have any questions please let me know in the comment box below.
  • I will try to find the answer for you and thank you again for your time watching this video and I hope to see you again in the next video bye bye and have a nice day.

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