Why Privacy Credit card free for trail Purpose

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 In this video i’m going to be walking you guys through one of the new features of credit card with paypal .

Step: 1 Create accounts on Privacy.com

  • In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to get a virtual credit card in the USA using privacy.com.
  • Privacy.com is an online platform that issues virtual cards for American citizens to connect the funding source with either your debit card or banking details. 
  • This can be done through their website or their mobile application.
  • If you don’t know what a virtual credit card is there is a video on the channel which explains virtual cards in detail.
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  • First off open your browser and search for privacy. commit will take you to the homepage of the website right from the home page.
  • It shows you what their virtual cards are capable of now let’s go ahead and register you can either use the get a started button or you can click on the sign up at the top right corner to register to enter a valid email and a secure password as you can see here.

FREE Trail To use this Virtual Credit Card on Netflix

 It is only available for us citizens but if you are in any other country and you want a virtual card you can check out our previous tutorials. 

We have tons of videos on how to get a virtual card worldwide now click on get started an email will be sent to you to verify that you’re the real owner of the email.

So let’s open our email and verify your account. Open the email and click on confirm the email address.

Which takes you to your account homepage. Here you can instantly create new virtual cards you can see the virtual card have no limit. 

you can fund it with any amount that you wish to create a new virtual card click on the card you can give your card a nickname or name.

 It is specifically to what you’re going to use it for the good thing about privacy.com is that it automatically puts a platform logo on your card and there are so many to choose from so feel free to look through I’m going to use my card for Netflix.

How to get a Free credit card for the Netflix trial

  1. So I will input Netflix which gives me a Netflix logo to put on my card you can also set the limit and duration of your card so that you will not be overcharged on some platforms like they usually do without your consent I’ll set my card limit to ten dollars per month 
  2. This is okay for a Netflix subscription so it means that only ten dollars can be charged on this particular card. 
  3. We can see the purpose of the card and the limit on the card now we need to connect the funding source this is how you like to deposit money to your newly created virtual card click on connect the funding source. 

Add the Money to the wallet

You need to specify if the card is for personal use or for a business and add to the money in your wallet.

I’m going to select business because I will use the card for business transactions to know you need to provide valid details to complete the process. This includes your name, date of birth, home address, social security number, and phone number. I’m not a US citizen. 

So I cannot proceed but I tried it with a friend’s details and it works perfectly note that this card is free.

You can create multiple cards for different purposes when you go back to the home page.

It will show all the transactions you’ve made on your cards including your daily and monthly limits i hope this video helped you with how to get a virtual credit card in the united states thank you for watching.

Money deposited faster and More securely

  • But when you’re talking about thousands and thousands of dollars of transactions that are a lot of fees that add up. 
  • So this allows you to keep your margins intact and in place, it’s a great way for you to send custom invoices and track payment requests as well have money deposited faster and more securely you know, and again for your customers.
  • You know with plastic except your customers can use their credit cards to hold onto their cash reserves they can enjoy any early pay discounts. 
  • So again if you’re using depending on your business structure if you’re offering any type of early-pay discounts this allows your customers to take advantage of that without having to pay you in straight cash.
  • You know they can use the credit card of their choice and then pay down their credit card as they see fit on their own timetable.

So guys i hope guys you satisfy my tutorial on how to free credit card.

Free Credit card to Amazon Prime Account

  1. You can use this virtual credit card in amazon’s free trial subscription guys .which is 30 days trial free.
  2. you are everywhere but you do want Amazon to remember that you’re logged in. 
  3. So how do you do that you need to start blocking companies from following you around the web and that’s actually really easy to do. The free virtual credit only you can use for a trial subscriptions and others payments option.

If you try to use the Netflix trail you must use Vpn. To get an easy one, I face many times this problem getting this free subscription but I get one of this.

so, guys, you can try other bin methods just go to my channel i make this video on how to get a free virtual credit card.

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You can use any free trial subscription guys using these tricks.