Cache files is so irritated your pc

Hey easy technology fans welcome back to another tutorial in this video i’m going to be showing y’all how to clear your cache on windows 11.

To improve your pc’s performance and to keep it decluttered you should regularly clear various catches on your pc or laptop. 

  • Now i’ll also be showing you a few methods and ways on how to clear your cache on windows 11 so be sure to watch until the end. 
  • The first thing we’re going to do is clean up your catch using the disk cleanup so go ahead and choose the start menu and then type in disk cleanup. 
  • and choose the app that pops up it’s going to ask you which drive you want to choose so just choose your hard drive in my case.
  • It’ll be the c drive and then from there you’re going to select what you want to delete so for me it’s going to be downloaded program files temporary internet files.
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Disk Clean Up

  • You can check off the other ones two because you don’t really need them alright once you check them all off. It’s gonna say the total amount of disk space cache you gain mine is 571 megabytes.
  • And then you’re going to choose ok it’s going to ask if you are sure you want to permanently delete these files. Go ahead and choose to delete files. 
  • It’s going to clean up your drive all right once it’s all done. 
  • It’s just gonna go away and that’s all you have to do moving on to the second method is how to clear the cache on Microsoft using store cache.
  • So i’m gonna clear the microsoft store catch right now first thing you have to do is either choose the windows button and or simply right-click on the start menu.
  • And then simply choose run it’s going to pull up this so what you need to type in under opens wsreset dot exe and choose enter or simply choose ok. 
  • It’s gonna pull up this so it’s just gonna stay like that and it’s gonna be blank after a couple of seconds or a minute. 
  • It’s gonna go away by itself once it’s done it might open up the microsoft store for you but the cmd prompt command window would be closed automatically and that’s how you would know that it has been successfully completed.
  •  The Microsoft store catch so now we’re going to close this and now we’re going to delete our location catches first thing you have to do is choose a start menu and then simply choose settings.

Open Windows powershell 

  • If it’s not over here go ahead and type in settings and choose the app that pops up over here we’re going to choose privacy and security on the bottom left-hand side and then go ahead and go down and find under app permissions in windows 11.
  • Where it says location go ahead and choose a location and then we’re gonna go all the way down and it’s gonna show location history. 
  • So go ahead and choose clear all right as you can see it has this green checkmark it means location history has been cleared cache
  • So now we’re going to flush the dns cache let’s go ahead and close this out and simply go back to the start menu left click on it. 
  • And type in windows terminal go ahead and select windows terminal application right it’s going to open up the windows terminal or windows Powershell. 

Clear cache

We’re going to type in this command prompt ipconfig space forward slash flush dns go ahead and choose enterand as you can see it says successfully flushed the dns resolver cache.

So it means you’ve done it successfully and you’re all good to go. 

so now we’re going to close this out and now we’re going to automatically clear cache using storage sense so for the last time.

we’re going to choose a start menu and then either press on settings if it’s pinned if it’s not going ahead and type in settings choose the application that pops up and from there it’s gonna by default it’s gonna be on system.

So stay on the system and then you’re gonna go down a little bit and find where it says storage go ahead and choose storage from there you’re going to go down a little bit. 

As you can see it’s going to tell you all of the storage that you’ve been using and taking up as well as how much storage is free cache and how much you’ve used.

Disclaimer :

  • So if you go down it’s gonna have shoe storage sense and what you have to do is simply just choose it all right.
  • What you’re going to do is go ahead and select under automatic user content cleanup make sure this is toggled on and then if you go down.
  • It’s going to say run storage sense so you can choose a variety of options every day every week every month or leave it as default and delete files in my recycling bin
  • If they have been there for more than 30 days that’s by default or you can change as well as delete files in my download folder
  • If they haven’t been open for more than and mine is under default it’s never alright once you’re all done with this go ahead and choose run storage sense.
  • Now it’s going to clean up the files give it a couple of minutes all right and now as you can see it says done we are able to free up 569 megabytes of disk space.
  • So now it means that you have completed this successfully. All right, that’s going to conclude my tutorial today.
  • I hope you are really benefited from this and it helped you all out. Make sure to like the video if you benefited share with all your friends.

Upgrade the windows 11 and update the drivers

How to upgrade to Windows 11 you can download and install a Microsoft team.

Where you would do with any new version of windows go to settings update in security windows updates and click check for updates.if available you’ll see an upgrade to windows 11.

click download and install from here your device should update the same way it would with any other windows update click restart to complete the upgrade you’re in windows 11.