Why user disappointed for windows 11 upgraded version

Hey everyone,

Today will window 11 what’s new in Microsoft’s new os with windows 11 Microsoft has realized windows should be a powerful desktop operating system from improved multi-window multitasking.

The better support for multiple monitors to pc gaming improvements and a store featuring traditional windows 32 desktop app Microsoft is embracing the reality of the pc and making it better will my pc run windows 11.

however not all windows 10 pcs will get windows 11 while windows 10 had broad backward compatibility reaching back to windows 7pcs. 

the system requirements for Windows 11 are much more strict you will need apc withwefi firmware that is secure boot capable and a version 2.0 tpm.

module chip for example you will also need a compatible 64-bit processor although even 64-bit pcs won’t get the update.

New Start Menu Features :

The new start menu and centre windows 11 hasa a new simplified start menu live tiles are gone replaced with a list of apps icons in recent files documents you edit. 

The office apps on other devices, even devices that aren’t running windows will appear as recent files here to thanks to Microsoft 365.

powerful multi-window and multi-monitor feature where windows 8 was all about having one big application on a big pc monitor windows 11 is all about using multiple windows Microsoft is embracing productivity and improving snap. 

there is a snap layouts feature for quickly arranging apps on your screen just mouseover a windows maximise button.

Multiple window Features windows 11 :

Powerful multi-window and multi-monitor feature where windows 8 was all about having one big application on a big pc monitors windows 11 is all about using multiple windows Microsoft is embracing productivity and improving snap. 

there is a snap layouts feature for quickly arranging apps on your screen just mouseover a windows maximise button.

you can easily choose a screen region for its new store with desktop apps with windows 11’s new Microsoft store Microsoft is finally doing. 

what it should have done when it launched Windows 8 with the first windows store

the new store will be your single trusted location for apps developers can offer traditional win32 desktop applications in the store alongside up apps. 

and progressive web apps can be in any other app framework that works on windows 2.android apps come to windows 11.

Microsoft 365 Features in windows 11

  • Microsoft 365 was working on android app support before the release of windows 10but the company xd project now android app support will come to windows 11.
  • What changed well apple did enable iphone apps on the mac with big sur son perhaps that changed Microsoft’s mind widgets and teams on the taskbar. 
  • The taskbar also features a widgets button in the leaked version of windows 11 it was underwhelming just a renamed version of the news and interests widget that was added to windows 10.
  •  In the final version of windows 11 you’ll be able to add widgets from other applications toit making it. 
  • A truly customizable interference and not just a panel for microsoft to push to bring news links at microsoft teams. 
  • Microsoft is also integrating microsoft teams into the taskbar you can use the chat feature to have text conversations and video calls with people.

Gaming And Latest Application In windows 11

Microsoft teams is widely known as a business communication toolkit Microsoft wants to expand it to everyone likely because skype is not doing very well under Microsoft 

The ownership pc gaming improvements microsoft talked up some gaming features that alreadyexists like directx 12 ultimate and xbox game pass for pc. 

Which offers unlimited access to a library of pc games for a monthly fee but there are some new things here two features from the xbox series x are making their way to pcthe first is auto hdr. 

This will help over 1000 previous generation games look better by automatically enabling hdr without this feature only games built to support hdr would use hdr on an hdr compatible display the second is direct storage on some windows 11 pcs.

It will be direct storage optimised they will need a high performance nvme ssd and appropriate drivers smart upgrade windows 11 seems pretty good.

So far it’s full of other smart changes too for example Cortana is being removed from the pc setup and experienced something that will no doubt please many system administrators if you found this video helpful make sure to like the video.

How to remove virus in windows 11 2022

  • Hey, easy technology fans welcome back to another tutorial in this video i’m going to be showing y’all the untold secret to scan and remove any viruses in your windows 11. 
  • Computer Windows 11 is generally a safe operating system however there are many suspicious websites online in which you may have come across to get any malware and other malicious software.
  • That might get viruses into your system this will remove viruses ransomware and any other types of viruses so first thing you have to do is simply open up the start menu and search for windows security. 
  • And simply go ahead and choose the application that pops up and it’s going to bring you to something like this so what you want to do is simply choose virus and threat protection.
  • It’s gonna open up something like this now. I do have a fee but you might have it you might have different software.

Turn on Windows Defender in windows 11

You might have just the standard Microsoft defenderanti-virus so in any case, we’re going to find where it says Microsoft defender anti-virus in windows 11. 

Whether it says this or whether it says the scan option simply go ahead and choose scan options or in my case i’ll be choosing this. 

So choose that arrow and it’s going to say periodic scanning go ahead and turn that on choose yes to allow changes and from here .

We’re going to choose scan options and then we’re going to choose Microsoft defender offline scan so choose this last option and this will take about 15 or 20minutes. 

And from there go ahead and choose scan now and this will restart your computer and perform a full offline scan.

So I will be back on the computer and restart. Also make sure to save your work if you have any work on your computer, okay.

Scan Full Pc

If it asks you if you want this software to make any changes to your computer go ahead and choose yes and choose scan now and this is by Microsoft.

So it’s totally safe and once it has completed the full scan and restart your computer if you want to check your results of the virus history. 

It has come through then go ahead and simply go back to the start menu so simply choose that and type in windows security. 

Once again choose the app that pops up and once you open it once again

  • we’re going to choose virus and threat protection all right and once it gathers all the information that it has found it’ll take you to this page and simply choose protection history. 
  •  if there was anything that it has found you’ll find it over here on this page in which it has found any viruses and removed and so as you can see for me.
  • It says the setting to block potentially unwanted apps is turned off your device may be vulnerable so you can choose that. 
  •  You can do some things. For example, I can just simply turn it on to prevent my device from being at risk right. 
  • so i hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.