How To Get A Free Virtual Credit Card online 2022

  • Hey guys, I’ll show you how to get a free virtual credit card.
  • Since most of the items that resellers buy is very limited in supply oftentimes retailers try their best to make sure that each person is limited to one purchase only. 
  • One raffle entry some of them claim that if you order multiples they will cancel your order i will be going over how to get around that one item per person limitation while minimizing cancellations to help you maximize your profits my name is nova. 
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  • If you enjoy the content most online retailers say only one shopper person but from my experience, most of them don’t properly enforce this policy but either way you don’t want to take that risk especially. 
  • If you can avoid it all together therefore you need to use unique billing profiles billing profile is the information credit card you plan to check out with 
  • So it would usually include your name, shipping address, phone number, billing address, and credit card details if you are a reseller. 

Following these steps :

If you want to try to check out multiple then you will need multiple billing profiles with each profile being unique. 

so that you can minimize cancellations this means that each one needs a different name phone number different address and different credit card details. 

let’s begin with learning this section there is a snippet from my botting nike sneakers tutorial on how to switch up your name and address to make your billing profiles unique you can jig your address like in the example.

That you see on the screen it’s pretty self-explanatory you can use different abbreviations to make several different variants of the same address for the name you can switch up the order of your name if verse comes to worst you can just use your friend’s name or your relative’s name i highly suggest you.

How do you get multiple credit cards ??

  • How do you get multiple credit cards well you can open up different bank accounts and that might be tedious and you might even have to pay for monthly fees doing that
  • So what many retailers use is what’s called virtual credit cards or VCC some of the most popular vcc services in us is privacy and token. 
  • Which is free to use and which is what i will be covering mainly in this video in the uk and Europe revolut is the main vcc company.
  • Which i will eventually have a tutorial for and if you are located in a different country you might have to do some research on reputable virtual credit card services quick shout out to George from notifying for helping me with some of this information.
  • Once you’ve successfully signed up for either privacy and or the token app and you verified the requested banking details you would have the ability to make new and unique cards in a matter of a few clicks furthermore.

How to Get Virtual Credit Card | Signup this Website


If you sign up for privacy using my referral link located in the description you will get five dollars in privacy credit for token anyone who signs up with my invite code water boy nova when registering your account will receive significantly increased spending and token limits as well as a five-dollar credit bonus after two months of regular use. 

I was told by a token staff member that if you’re going to use it for selling purposes you should link your token account to your debit card instead of your bank account for the best results suggest you sign up for both token and privacy. 

Because the combined monthly spending and card limits for both of these can help you make more profiles for your needs. 

When you create a virtual credit card and use it to purchase something online it will then reroute the charge to the bank that you signed up with but from the online retailer’s end all they see is a credit card that looks and acts just like any other credit card.

FREE To Use Trial Subscription using VCC

  • They wouldn’t be able to link it back to your main bank account and that’s the easiest way on how you can have several different unique credit cards assigned to each of your different billing profiles.
  •  However virtual cards do have limitations for example you can make only a limited number of cards at one time and you also have a monthly spending limit these limits can vary from one person to another another thing. 
  • That you have to be aware of is that the first merchant that you make a purchase with for each card this will be the merchant that the card is locked to let me give you an example. 
  • If i create a privacy card and use this to successfully check out an item from kiti can no longer use the same card for a different merchant other than kit or else the payment will be declined.
  •  If i want to make a purchase on another website will have to make a new card or just use a different one that hasn’t made a purchase yet however a huge plus to using privacy is your shipping. 

You Get Free trial using these tricks by my method so guys i hope you understand free credit card.

The billing details can be absolutely whatever you want regardless of the billing information that you have stored on your bank. 

Free Virtual credit card 2022 by Assure Master

Now you have all the tools and information that you need to make all sorts of unique billing profiles so that you can minimize your risk of getting canceled.

When you order multiples hope you learned something new.So i hope helpful this blog