How to Apply Free Credit Card with 2022


Hey guys I’m sid today i will show how to get free credit card

so today we are going to be doing a review on a product called privacy

privacy card is a fantastic product that will keep your information private as you may have guessed by the name alright.

How to GET This Free Credit card

1. Go to

2.Signup with email and phone number

3.Fill Basic Detail

What is Privacy card

So let’s go to the website I’ve already gotten here on my computer private supes privacy calm your money your rules gain peace of mind with privacy that one line card that protects your money and gives you full control when shopping one line lockdown and protects your money using your real card number.

 Everywhere online leaves you vulnerable just one security breach and exposes your card number for thieves to make unauthorized purchases when you use privacy card you are protected at every place you shop you get a unique card number that only works at each individual merchant.

So if your card becomes exposed it can’t be used anywhere else you can set card limits for each card you can set a limited spending limit up to whatever you want you can set a spending limit of no limit five dollars.

 I don’t know if you can go as low as five dollars but I think you can do like $20 $25 spending limit or something like that per card per location that you have it set for. 

So that’s a fantastic feature right there all on its own you got Netflix you can set a card up for Netflix you can set a separate card up for Hulu.

What is Protection of privacy?

  • You can pause the card, you can dispose of the card, you can even create a one-time use card that’s like one of those things like you see in a James Bond movie with light the envelope on fire. You’d be like lighting your credit card on fire.
  •  It’d be something like that one-time use this credit card will self-destruct after you use it like deal alright.
  • So how does piracy make money every time you spin using a privacy card the merchant what website pays a small fee called interchange the fee is shared with us. 
  • There are no hidden costs or fees well let’s let’s ask that question first are there hidden costs or fees no there is no charge or fees for using your cards and no monthly or annual fee for using privacy core product.
  • This free plan and I’ve not run up against the limit yet I’ve got at least probably 10 to 15 cards for different vendors different merchants or whatever and I’ve not run up into you know I’ve never heard dilemma. 
  • I think it may be dirty I’m sure it’s on this on-page somewhere instant notifications that are handy right there see this is what I was talking about as well single user cards create a card that closes.


After the first use of spending limits you can set spending limits on a per charge per month or per year basis there’s a browser extension I haven’t used a browser extension I may have to check that out a convenient button at checkout. 

So all you have to do is click that’s pretty cool so instead of putting your credit card information you just click the browser extension.

 I’m pretty sure it’s pretty I’m pretty sure it’s available for Chrome and maybe even firefox as well instant notifications now you can have the privacy app installed in your phone. 

You will get instant notifications and even if you don’t have the privacy app installed on your phone you can you’ll get an email notification as well of every transaction. 

Now the privacy app sends the notifications a little faster than you would get the email notification. I Noticed that the email notification seems to come in maybe two or three minutes after the push notification from the Privacy Act comes in.

Spending Limit

  • So you might want to download the privacy app and use that as well I mean I don’t really use the privacy app other than for the notification feature because I do most of my online purchases on a computer areal PC. 
  • I will shop on Amazon on my phone but not too many vendors I’ll use my phone and shopping but I’m back to the subject so you get instant notification. 
  • So if there’s a transaction that has been made on any of your cards that you created with privacy you will get an instant notification telling you what the transaction amount is what vendor has been using it. 
  • You know the name of the card XYZ ,you will also get a notification if the transaction has been declined. 
  • So somebody tried to use the car and you used the card and there’s not enough money you set the spending limit to low and the vendor trying to make an automatic payment the card will be declined.
  • Now if you do this with your bank card and you set up automatic payments and you don’t have any money in your bank sometimes your bank will allow that transaction to go through putting your bank account into a deficit.

Privacy Card

So you may want to consider using a privacy safeguards against that because if you have all of your auto-pay bills set up with the privacy card. 

There’s no money there or you set the spending limit to be whatever you want it to be for that particular vendor say you want to micromanage your water bill or micromanage your gas bill or whatever bill you want to micromanage you can set the spending limit low. 

So that is if one month you just don’t have it all it’s not going to overcharge your account in your account going to the negative you can come up with other means of paying that bill besides having your bank account go on and negative. 

You own the bank a bunch of fees probably like thirty-five dollars over what you’re all free because you know banks agree like that.

 so that’s super convenient all right so people feel safer and more secure after switching to the privacy card.