How to Get Free Trails 2022 with

Hey guys it’s Sid and today we’re going to talk about how to free trials with a privacy credit card.

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How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card with Privacy

  • The privacy Free Virtual credit card is very easy.
  • But let’s get started some are really big fan of free trials because I like free stuff because the main thing is though a lot of these companies gave you free trials hoping that you forget to cancel your account and that they can basically continue to tell you every month moving forward and the idea is that it’s such a small amount.
  • So it says $7.99 or $5.99 or$9.99 that’s it feels like it’s so much work to cancel it and that you don’t do it.
  • If I’m trying new products that haven’t really used before the last thing I really want to do is to find out a month afterwards that they charge me because technically when I went through the whole process I agreed that if I Don’t cancel within 28 days then they would charge me. 

Sing up and Process

  • So how do you mitigate against this so I think there are three ways and this is kind of my stop process around doing all this the first one is canceling right after signing up for the promise a lot of these companies when you do sign up for the promo. 
  • They’ll be like okay you have a promotion from March 1st to March 31st and then once you sign up you can actually click cancel the subscription and then they’ll be like okay your free subscription.
  • So it runs out on the 31st but you won’t get charged again because you’ve already canceled it. That’s probably the best way to do it because it pretty much makes sure that you’re canceling it already and maybe take a screenshot.
  • If you’re worried that they were going to screw you over most big companies I’m not too worried about that I’ll do this process and it makes a lot of sense a lot of smarter companies have kind of data whole process.
  • Where if you click the cancel button even if your subscriptions are supposed to run out until the 31st they will basically cancel it.


When you press the cancel button so it really sucks that way right in your head you’re like I’m canceling it because I don’t want to get double charged. 

So I don’t want to get charged for something I’m Trying out so what you can do for that is obviously Google calendars set these reminders to basically cancel the service but the main thing too is that even if you do that it might not be the best way. 

So what I found that has worked a lot better for me is using a service called privacy calm so privacy calm basically allows you to generate your own debit card or credit card numbers in order to use on these services so the cool thing is that you can set an amount for the cards to be used.

Services and charges privacy card

  •  So let’s say the card only has $50 of the card only has one dollar meaning that you can use this particular trial the one dollar is typically enough for the authorization to make sure that you have the ability to pay it. 
  • And then when they try to charge to $9.99 or $21.99 or whatever amount that your trial real date prices they’re not going to be able to because the card only has one dollar in value and that’s the cap so instead of the service you have to select a bank with them.
  • So that might not make sense for you if you don’t want to do that but for me, I’ve been using them for a while and I really like the product so another reason why I really like privacy calm is for these shadier services so again if you try random products.
  • So I try a lot of random products I try a lot of startup stuff and the main thing is I Don’t want to be the position where they can charge me or like get my credit card information and then kind of screw me over in the long run so they’re using services like stripe..
  • I’m not too worried but sometimes they try to be their own payment processor as well and when that happens it’s sort of like if they get is something weird happens if they have a death that kind of goes rogue I just don’t want to deal with the hassle of like oh you have brought on charges. 

How to Virtual Credit Card free

So I can actually do this method and in order to sign up for either the product or trial and then they have this virtual number that’s not really my real credit card.

It’s like this made-up credit card but it still works that they actually want to charge it so a few other banks actually have services like this as well but to meet their user platform the user interface is a lot worse than

Since privacy is basically just a plug you have a icon on the top right we can press it to generate these codes and again I haven’t really had trouble with them. 

It’s been a pretty good product in my experience so if the newfound information that you just got it’d be really great if you could sign up for Amazon Music and limited. 

It’s a competitor to Spotify or it’s a title so another music service but you can try it for free right now and again or use one of the three methods.


  • We mentioned to basically cancel right after to either set a calendar invite orto use of in order to generate new credit cards that way they can actually- again in the future even. 
  • If you cancel the service you’re actually still supporting the channel which is really helpful given the tips I just mentioned.
  • So I hope that was helpful and let me know if any questions have a bunch of credit card reviews coming out so don’t worry about that but I want to cover a few other things that might be helpful so we discovered bank accounts credit cards and stuff like that.