How to Upgrade Windows 10 to windows 11 from ISO file

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how to upgrade to Windows 11. You can download and install a team. 

Where you would do with any new version of windows go to settings update in security windows Upgrade and click check for updates.if available you’ll see an upgrade to windows 11.

Step 1 : Download and Install the ISO file

  • Click download and install from here your device should update the same way it would with any other windows update click restart to complete the upgrade you’re in windows 11 now. 
  • Hello friends, welcome to this video tutorial today from tips to fix. 
  • Today i will show you how to update Windows 10 to Windows 11.
  • Today is 5 October 2021 and windows 11 is ready to update and it’s launched so let’s go here let’s search settings first click enter update and security resume update and check for updates let’s see and check for updates.
  •  If Windows 11 is listed here on update area let’s see if my computer is ready to be updated on Windows 11 go to Windows 11 scroll all the way down and download this pc health checker to check your PC.
Howto Upgrade Windows 11 in Easy steps 2022

Step 2 : Windows 11 update

If it’s ready to download if it’s ready to be updated on windows 11. okay open up eyes install this windows pc health check now close this window check.

  • now and this pc meets windows 11 iso requirements so now we will see okay we are okay and let’s check for updates normally.
  • We will see the Windows 11 update stable release here on the Windows updates are but even we don’t see it here i will show you another method.
  •  if you are here on the windows update and you don’t see windows 11 listed here on the update area then what do you have to do you just go here on the browser search for windows11 download and check. 
  • you see you are up to date so i’m not up to date because i need to have windows i need to install windows 11 and and the computer is ready for installation.

Go here download windows 11 by Microsoft and then scroll all the way down here windows 11installation assistant let’s try with this one eye open up windows 11 assistant. 

Let’s see if it works here. Click accept and install step one, and step two and step three of this windows 11.

If the assistant doesn’t work then go here to create windows 11 installation media you can download it here media creation tool and then you can install it from your usb.

but this windows 11 installation assistant looks like it’s working because it started downloading windows 11.

Step 3 :

  • I’m using this Windows 11 installation assistant andheri. It’s uh in step two verifying download okay and then step three is installing it’s okay to keep using pc.
  • But we will restart the computer 30 minutes after reaching 100okayso make sure to save your work frequently after installing this. 
  • It will restart the computer. We will restart it directly and then you will see a window that will upgrade your Windows 10 to windows11.
  • If the windows 11 installation assistant it’s working very well for you guys then you don’t need any other method but if this method doesn’t work then.
  • We will continue with the other one yeah let’s see it’s 27 yes we are on windows 10 pro and we will go in the windows 11 pro this may take a few minutes nice don’t turn off your pc here okay guys. 

Step 4 : Download windows 11 Iso file

So the first thing that we need to do is go inside this website.

I will place these links at the bottom at the description part of the video so don’t freak out.And once you’re here, we’re going to locate the part where it says download Windows 11 disk image. 

  • we’re going to click on the drop-down menu and pick windows 11 and then click on download.
  • It’s going to take you here we need to click on the drop-down menu to pick our language.Once you pick your language we are going to pick on confirming it’s going to take you here.From here we are going to click on 64 bit download.
  • Once you do that, it’s going to download the ISO file.
  • Now because I’m using Internet Explorer, Ineed to save it. 
  • so I’m going to click on that arrow and click on Save As and I’m going to drop my ISO within the downloads folder.So click on Save.

Step 6 : how to Bootable USB Device

  • Now once it’s done we are going to open up that folder and there goes our windows 1164 bit ISO file it is around five points.
  • so it’s a pretty huge file now the next thing that we’re going to do is right click on the file and we are going to mount it.
  • Now once we mount it, we need to copy these files locally into our SCCM server.Now I have already created a folder called Windows11 x64.
  • And it’s actually located within my SCCM server sources, OSD, OS, OS images and Windows 11×64.

And that’s not the latest one.So what we need to do is download the latest one that’s going to support Windows 11.

So I will provide the link for you guys to go directly here.

And what we need to do is download the Windows ADK and the Windows PE and once that’s done,it depends on where you drop it for me. I drop it inside the downloads folder and there goes.

Now one of the things I do not like aboutADK is that you have to manually uninstall what you have within your server.

Step 7 : Restart and manually setup

So go inside Control Panel, pick your WindowsPE, click on uninstall, click yes here and it’s going to start uninstalling those features.And you’re going to do the same thing with your windows 11

Select it, click on unInstall, click Yes,it’s going to remove it and once it’s removed within your server, go back inside that downloads iso folder or wherever you downloaded those new windows 11 files

  • We need you to know how to install it.So the first one I like to install is the Windows 11 one so select it, right-click on it run as an administrator.
  • Pretty self-explanatory here.So Click next here really depends on what you choose.Once you pick it, click Next.Accept the license terms.
  • So version 2107 is one of the core requirements to actually have Windows 11
  • so make sure you’re running the latest version.Okay


  • This is how we install windows11. thank you guys for watching this video tutorial on the next video.

I will show you how to install windows 11 on unsupported computers we can pass tpm and also we can pass ufi and install on the unsupported processors so god bless you see on the next video tutorial you.